About. Port Harcourt Water Corporation

PHWC is the water utility responsible for the provision of urban water supply and wastewater management services in Port-Harcourt and Obio/Akpor LGA’s of Rivers State, Nigeria. We are a corporatized organisation with full autonomy to undertake the responsibility of handling Government owned water supply and wastewater management assets in Port-Harcourt and Obio/Akpor. Our operations are to be carried out at a commercial level, with the aim of achieving cost recovery for daily operations and maintenance of plants. The paid for services will ensure sustainability and continuous service delivery to the Rivers State urban citizenry.

Access to Water Supply: we recognize that clean water is essential for health and human development and will
strive to ensure that every citizen of the State has equal access to safe, adequate and reliable water supply.

Strategy: To take all necessary measures needed for the involvement of Federal, State and Local Governments, international development agencies, communities, donor agencies, and the private sector to
participate in providing water to every citizen of the State in a sustainable manner.

Urban Water Supply shall be provided by the Port- Harcourt Water Corporation (PHWC) which shall be encouraged to collaborate with the private sector.

The PHWC which was formerly part of the Rivers State Water Board (RSWB). PHWC became corporatized on the 12th Aug 2012, by the passage of the Rivers State Water Sector Development Law No. 7 of 2012.

The Rivers states water sector development law states that “Government-owned water and sewage infrastructure and assets in Port Harcourt and Obio- Akpor shall be vested in the Port Harcourt Water Corporation which may engage the Private Sector for the performance of any of its statutory functions with respect thereto, subject to the approval of the Governor as stated in the RIVERS STATE WATER SECTOR DEVELOPMENT LAW NO. 7, of 2012“.

The PHWC has 1 wastewater treatment plant that currently services some sections of Port-Harcourt and Obio- Akpor LGA’s. We also have 8 water service stations that will be undergoing extensive upgrades and restoration as part of the corporations 5 year plan. The restoration activities involves rehabilitation and upgrade of pumps, pump houses and water quality testing laboratory to international standards.

Appreciate water before you are thirsty! Appreciate all the good things before you need them! – Mehmet Murat ildan


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